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Stretch Silk: Our 5 No Fuss Washing Tips

Stretch Silk: Our 5 No Fuss Washing Tips

Between us, we've worn and washed our stretch silk garments countless times.  These are our tips for easy care and a long life for your garments in real life, everyday households...
Adaptive Design for Specific Needs

Adaptive Design for Specific Needs


Core to the fundamental values of the TAHLO brand, is everyone should be able to feel great in their clothes! 

Feeling great encompasses both expressing your personal style, and wearing clothing that is comfortable and functional for you. Whether that means a 'power dress' to make you feel like a superstar for that big presentation to the board, or everyday stylish tops you love.

There are two main ways we can assist with editing our clothing for specific adaptive clothing needs, which are available on our 'Made to Order' range:


1. Simple switches, with a standard fit.
If you'd like to replace buttons or fastenings with velcro, edit necklines to ensure they're pullover, or make other straightforward switches - but for base garments that come in a standard sizing or body fit - you can order through our website.
Just simply make a note of the switch you would like in the notes section as you check out and we will confirm we're received your specific edits, and ask any further questions we have before we start making your garment.


2. Specific edits.
If you'd like to make specific edits to a garment to suit your needs, either drop us an email or visit us at our Fitting Room at 54 Church St, West Hawthorn, Melbourne (10am to 4pm, Monday to Saturday).
We can accomodate a wide range of changes - for example, adjusting the fit of sleeves, moving pockets or adjusting the body fit of a garment. 


In addition... 

If you're looking for clothing that meets a specific brief, such as having no seams against the back of the body or no metal zips or fastenings, let us know as we may have items in our range that already suit your needs. (We will make these more obvious and easier to find on our site depending on the questions we're asked!) 


If in doubt, get in touch! :)

If getting to our Fitting Room might be a challenge, or you just want to get some more info about your specific request, get in touch! We're happy to help however we can.

Email us at:

Choose your own length

Choose Your Own Length

Choose your won dress length

If you’re 5’6” or 168cm tall, take a minute to sit back and thank the fashion gods for bestowing upon you the height of the ‘Regular’ fit model. Almost all dresses are designed for your height. 

For the rest of us, we need to dress for our body shape and our age. We’re used to showing too much leg, not enough leg, wearing tights, taking hems up or down or generally feeling that twinge of something being not quite right. And for the taller ones, we know you dread a windy day in summer!


What is your ideal length?

We talked to a LOT of women, and we found that finding the right length is an issue for so many. In fact, not only for dresses but for tops too. So, we have provided two main options for help you to choose the right length for you:

1. General lengths - we have picked two heights: 5’6” (Regular) and 5’8” (Taller) and given a ball park fall for that height. For example, Above the knee, below the knee, etc. These are indicative.

2. Your own custom length - you can choose your exact centimetre fall.



Simply browse our collection. When you click on the product page, to add it to your cart simply choose the length option that suits you.

The length you select doesn’t impact the fit of the rest of the garment so use the size to determine you best body fit.


What next?

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