Our Vision for Timelines

When we set up TAHLO, our plan was to deliver custom, made-to-order items in a similar timeframe to what a customers may get if they ordered a unique item online from an overseas retailer - 10 to 14 days was our 'make' window, which we overwhelmingly met, with few exceptions (pre-covid).

Instead of something interesting from abroad (but that might not fit, or may not be sustainable or good quality), customers could getting a gorgeous garment that was unique, fit them as they liked, combined the options and prints to their liking, was excellent quality and had a sustainable, slow fashion style ethos.


So Why Pause?

Due to the impacts we've experienced over recent times, and the ongoing disruptions to supply chains outside Melbourne that may not be immediately obvious for those not 'making', almost all the levers we rely on to delivery a consistent time frame for our customer orders can no longer be replied on. 

SO, while delighting our customers with gorgeous, tailored and unique items is really fun and rewarding, managing a complex make and supply process which used to work like a well-oiled machine, but is now more like a slippery eel, is actually not fun.

Our customers are our heart, and risking letting people down is unacceptable.

So, we've paused.