We care about where your clothes came from too...

We actively consider and evaluate our decisions against our sustainability criteria. As a result, we are proud to be as transparent as we can be about our sourcing and supply chain.

What does TAHLO aim to do, in a nutshell?

We are at the start of our journey to provide a genuine, low waste alternative to fast fashion, that also meets womens' desire to feel and look great. We want to provide women with clothes they feel good in, wear often and for a long time, that have low cost per wear and are easy to care for.

This means women consume less fashion, but more often wear things they love that make them feel great.

We do this by offering women a range of customisable fashion in designs they can edit (to suit them better), that are then made to order for them.

Are your fabrics certified organic?

While one day all our fabrics will be certified organic, today they are not. At the time of writing, we could not source fabric that met our brief for the requirements of our customer and product despite our efforts. So instead, we selected products that had a more favourable footprint in how they are manufactured break down in the environment, such as silk and bamboo. We aim to focus on building volumes using our low waste model to gain buying power over time. This will allow us to source to an even higher standard, verify certifications and GENUINELY be able to audit our supply chain to the origin.

From a sustainability viewpoint, we think it is more important to make nothing, than make something produced organically that no one wants to buy. As a result, we have opted to focus on massive waste reduction as our first goal.

With the exception of samples and the ‘try on stock’ in our fitting room, we make garments AFTER they have an owner.

If we produce a style we love but that no one wants to buy we don’t discount it to sell it out. Why? Because we don’t hold inventory of it and possibly didn’t ever produce more than one, or a handful, of garments. This means less resources allocated to production, less transport miles, less unwanted garments, less trickery to sell something people don’t really want and less landfill.

In what working conditions are your garments made?

Our garments are made in a family-owned-and-run tailoring studio in regional China. Our "Tahlo Tailors’” training is in traditional tailoring and pattern-making, rather than as factory machinists. That is, one person sews the whole garment rather a garment that moves down a factory assembly line.

The Tahlo Tailors are fairly paid, receive fair breaks and work in environment that is free of unacceptable industrial risks.


Is there something missing? If you have any further questions to our Q&A below, you are welcome to email us on hello@tahlo.com.au. If you think there is a question missing from this list, tell us and we will answer it! x