We love that so many of our customers have their favourite TAHLO items they want to order again...and again!

For almost all our customers, we have a record of what garments we've made for them, or even what they might have bought off the sale rack or elsewhere.

This means you can (probably) "order it again", even if it's no longer listed in our range.

RE-ORDER enquiry

To start the re-order process, we will need some information to check your file and confirm we can make a new version for you! :)

NOTE: Because we make garments by hand individually, there can be a slight variances between two items, especially if a long time has lapsed between the making, but the differences should be minimal.

Next Steps:

We will check your order history and come back to you if we have any questions.

If there are no questions, we'll send you a link with your custom item to check out. :)