"I want the same one I got last time..."

Another great thing about TAHLO is you can order again, based on your favourite TAHLO items that you already own, even if we don't have that for sale on the website or in the Fitting Room anymore.

What a totally different way to shop, right?!? You have certainty around fit when you're buying online, AND save your precious time scrolling and searching.

"...But I can't remember what style it was..."

Each of our garments has a unique ID in our system, which saves a 'recipe card' (eg, a set of instructions) for each item. As long as you purchased under your name (and not anonymously) and the ID was recorded on our system, then we can re-make an item again based on your original order. 

Because we make garments by hand and not machine, there can be a slight variance between two items, especially if a long time has lapsed, but it will be minimal, if at all.

"...And I might want it in a different print, or to make a tweak."

You can also make changes relative the item you're re-ordering - for example, if you want to add 2cm to the length versus last time, that's do-able! Or you might want a summer sleeve, or a different neckline. That's do-able too. 

When changing the print or fabric, generally you will need to select the same base fabric (eg, stretch silk, bamboo knit) but you can change change the colour or print.


What to do next:

Complete the contact form adjacent and include:

1. Your name (as it would be in our system)

2. If you only have one TAHLO item, that's easy - we will see it in your order history. If you have a number of items, simply include the main information that would helps is identify it amongst your orders (eg, the hot pink one).

3. If you'd like any changes versus your original item, let us know. Also if you know which fabric / print you'd like to order it in.

4. Submit the form and we'll get back to you via email the following business day with a confirmation of the garment you are re-ordering and the changes you'd like to make. As well as answers to any questions you've included.

5. Once you confirm, we'll email you through a custom cart to checkout and you simply click through to pay online.

6. Then, we'll make your brand new TAHLO and ship it to you, or you can pick up from the Fitting Room if you'd prefer.




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