The Tiana Skirt is designed to have a relaxed fit.


  • The waistband has a flat front but an elastic back, making the waist sizing more flexible than a fixed waistband. The waist also has belt loops and comes with a matching, removable sash belt.
  • The gathered style of the skirt ensures no cling and a flattering silhouette.
  • The Tiana Skirt comes in both tencel and stretch silk. Silk versions of the skirt have lining through the upper part of the skirt. The other woven fabrics (tencel, premium rayon, cotton blend) don't need lining, through this is available on request for Made To Order.
  • Due to the design elements of the skirt, sizing is easy fit.
  • If you usually have to size up due to a thicker waist, the waistband gives flexibility for this.
  • There are various length options. Changing the length does not change other dimensions of the dress.