Dress Length Triangle Print Anna DressHow do I measure my ideal dress length?

  1. Put the start of you're measuring tape at the top of your shoulder, where your bra strap is.
  2. Make sure the tape falls over your boobs, not to the side.
  3. Allow the tape measure to fall down the front of your body. If you’re measuring yourself, hold the tape in place on your thigh before you bend to check the length



      Lose dresses will fall longer as the fabric falls straight down. If the dress is fitted, has a belt or you plan to wear it with one, this will make the dress fall slightly higher for the same length in centimeters because it follows curves.

      Confused? You can measure a dress you already own, just try to use a similar style as what you’re buying, and measure in a straight line from where your bra strap would be.



          About Our Standard Lengths!

          Mass produced dresses were historically been were designed for a 5”6 woman of average proportions. If you’re shorter, taller, or not ‘average’ in your proportions, this can mean it is difficult to get a dress of the right length.

          To make it easier, we’ve included three standard lengths, but you can choose the ideal length for your personal style - just measure up! 

          90cm Above the Knee for someone of ‘regular’ height (5”6 or 167.6cm) 

          95cm On the Knee for someone of ‘regular’ height (5”6 or 167.6cm)

          100cm On the Knee for someone of  ’taller’ height (5”8 or 172.6cm)




             Hem Styles

               Straight                      Rounded                   Side Slit              20cm Frill                30cm Frill

          Straight Hem Trade Sketch                30cm Frill


             How to measure your sleeve length?

          1. Put the start of your measuring tape at the top of your shoulder line and slightly bend over the elbow to the length.
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          About our standard sleeve lengths?


          3/4 Length 43cm from shoulder to cuff. 

          Short Average Lenght 54 cm from shoulder to cuff.

          Average Length 57cm from shoulder to cuff.

          Slight Longer Length 60cm from shoulder to cuff

          Extra Longer Length 63 from shoulder to cuff




           Sleeve Styles


          Full Sleeve Trade     Below The Elbow Sleeve                        


          Jackets Standard Lengths



          What are the neckline options?

          The design elements you can customise vary slightly for individual styles. Here are the options for necklines.

          Neckline Styles