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Do you want to blend in, stand out or fit somewhere in between?

Browse our collections by print to see how we can turn your favourite fabric or colour into a dress that suits your style and the demands of your day.

We can make garments in any similar fabric so if the exact option you want isn’t listed on the product page, chances are we can still make what you want.

From bright to seasonal and limited edition prints, you're bound to find the perfect way to express yourself and have the confidence to feel empowered when you're wearing a Tahlo print. 


Tahlo Exclusive Prints

Silk Spandex (95% Silk, 5% Spandex)

The silk spandex has fast become a staff and customer favourite. It has beautiful drape, breathable for all-day comfort and a slight stretch across the body for ease of wear. It is machine washable and low wrinkle so good for travel - especially in darker colours. It is a very high quality, premium fabric.

The below prints are currently available online. There are additional low-stock prints in the Fitting Room. 



Swatch of white and black fabric     Floral fabric swatch on white polka

Hawaii fabric swatch     Modern Floral on Pink Silk Fabric Swatch     Fabric swatch of floral on pink

Fabric swatch drops on yellow     Fabric swatch marrakesh on pink     Weave on Nude Fabric Swatch

Fabric swatch floral on bronze colour     Fabric swatch of colourful shapes on grey     Fleur on fire fabric swatch in pinks and oranges

Matches on Pink Fabric Swatch     Dotted Lines Fabric Swatch     Field Flowers on Red

Fabric swatch of floral pom poms          Fabric swatch of flowers in a tile pattern

Stencil Flower     Cactus Fronds on Purple     Fabric swatch of large modern lilies on plum colour

Fabric print of Winter seaweed on navy background     Fabric swatch colourful shapes on blue     Fabric Swatch with Pink Lotus on cobalt blue

Fabric swatch colourful shapes on navy     Fabric swatch of blue lines on purple     Fabric swatch white shapes on blue

Fabric swatch blue on navy     Fabric swatch of flower grid on blue background     Fabric swatch of Mini spots on a blue background

Fabric swatch of Grevillea gradiflora leaves on blue background with orange accents     Fabric swatch of Richter poppy in blues and black      Staghorn fern on blue base

Fabric swatch blue gum leaves on navy     Bids on Blue floral print fabric swatch     Pendants Peacock
Floral lines print fabric swatch with teal and orange     Money Drops on Teal
Antler print swatch with green and pink     Fabric swatch drops on green     Confetti on mint fabric print

Fabric swatch of multicoloured jigsaw print      Fleur on Olive fabric swatch     Fabric swatch black and white floral design 

Fabric design black and white with blue clovers     Fabric design floral on blue and white spots     Fabric design spots in brown and black 

Fabric design white dots on black     Fabric swatch of dash flowers on black     Fabric swatch showing black geometric design on white


RUNNING LOW - Available in the fitting room.


 Fabric swatch in shades of blue and black     

Fabric Swatch Stitches on Grey      Fabric swatch depicting you yang flowers black     


Bamboo Knit (95% Bamboo, 5% Spandex)

This is a soft, draping knit with good stretch. It is breathable, in a medium weight for all year wear.  



     Scribble Flowers on Pink        





Plain Stretch Silk

The plain stretch silk is 95% silk, 5% spandex and is the same base fabric we use for our prints, but these are plain dyed colours.


Black fabric swatch stretch silk     Fabric Swatch Blue Stretch Silk     Fabric Swatch Plain Grey Silk     


Plain Double-knit Jersey

This has the texture of a work-appropriate thicker weight stretch jersey that is comfortable to wear and easy care. It is a soft touch and falls with drape. Machine washable on gentle/handwash setting at 40 degrees.


Tahlo Black drape ponte     Navy Fabric     Tahlo blue drape ponte     Cobalt Drape Ponte

Citrine Drape Ponte     Olive Green Drape Ponte     Forest Green Drape Ponte     TAHLO red fabric


Lightweight Structured Ponte

Our lightweight structured ponte is perfect for stretch blazers, pencil skirts and dresses designed not to cling or drape, but with the extra comfort of stretch for movement and ease of fit.


Tahlo black ponte     Charcoal Structured Ponte     Urban Green Lighter Structured Ponte     Navy Fabric

TAHLO red fabric     Pink Drape Ponte     TAHLO cornflower blue fabric     Tahlo grey heather fabric             .  


Structured Ponte

This a medium weight fabric with a stiffer structure it doesn't cling and has good stretch.

French Navy (Ink) Structured Ponte    Black Structured Ponte    Teal Structured Ponte    Rust Orange Structured Ponte


Are you in love with colour and want more?

Tell us what you want colours or print styles you want to see here and we'll see what we can do about it! Email your colour wish to


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