Tahlo made to order fashion

At Tahlo, we think it is time to imagine a new alternative for how women find clothes that make them look and feel amazing.

Tahlo’s classic, customisable fashion lets women take control of their own style and communicate their unique voice through clothing.

With style we stand taller.

At Tahlo, we believe when you feel great, you can conquer the world. There’s nothing quite like that “good outfit day” feeling. But the details of the right outfit are different for everyone.

We want to help you reclaim the time you spend searching for the perfect dress - or trying on different outfits that aren’t quite right. Simply click to customise your own Tahlo looks and take back control of your own style.
We’re not mass market, we’re about individuals. Tahlo wants you to stop thinking “I’ve got nothing to wear" and “I guess this will do”, and replace it with “I feel amazing being me today!”

How it works:

Scroll through our products. Most of our items are listed as “Made to Order”, which means we make the item for you. You customise various elements like sleeves and dress length. Within two weeks, your item is ready and we’ll ship it to you.

We also offer some selected "In Stock, Ready to Ship” pieces. Just place an online order as you would with any other retailer and we’ll ship it to you, leaving us the next business day.

By the way…

  • We believe that buying less clothing, wearing it more and reducing ‘fast fashion’ waste is better for our world.

    • We believe in fair working conditions so we only deal with trusted makers who share our values. Your garment has not been made with the invisible cost of another’s human rights.

      • At Tahlo, happy customers, sustainability and human fairness guide every decision we make. We are led by values before profits.

      Welcome to the Tahlo Tribe!

      xx Tahlo

      PS - Got feedback or a question? Get in touch on hello@tahlo.com.au or call us on 1300 937 946 :)