Customer Stories: Sizing Down

Customer Stories: Sizing Down

Designing for Body shape


A week ago, two women visited the Fitting Room in Melbourne.

The Fitting Room is a place where customers can try on different styles and sizes in our range and make edits to the garments based on the fit.

The women mentioned that while they loved the range they wouldn’t be trying anything on because they were both size 22. While we do actually stock ‘try on’ garments up to a size 22 in some styles in the fitting room, I looked at them and a size 22 estimate just did not seem right.

After finding out more, it turned out that:

Customer One - Anna

Bodyshape: Anna had a smallish frame with narrow shoulders but a large tummy. She had been buying size 22 to give her the fit she preferred. This meant the shoulders were HUGE on her and she looked (and felt!) larger than she was. She felt boring and manly - but seemed resigned to accept that as her fate.

Result: Anna ended up buying the Kristy Dress in a SIZE 16!!!!!! It fit her at the shoulders, and the A-line shape on the body of this dress gave her the fit she felt comfortable in over her tummy. She chose the silk spandex fabric in a limited edition print, which has a beautiful drape and slight stretch for comfortable wear. Apparently she hasn't worn a print for years.




Customer Two - Thea

Body: Thea was tall with big boobs, no waist and a medium tummy. She had broad shoulders and liked a looser fit overall. She also likes to be really comfortable, and cover her knees. 

Result: Thea ended up buying the Kelsey Dress in navy - also in a size 16! The stretch jersey fabric was thick enough but with a good stretch to feel comfortable over her shoulders and boobs, and is designed to be a loose fit around the tummy. 



I had “a moment” in the shop after they left. Both of them looked amazing in the dresses they had chosen - they had moved from “whatever will fit me” to selecting something that represented their personality and suited their body shape, allowing them to size down from a size 22 to a size 16.

This was one of those experiences that validated, despite the extra work it takes, starting with different body shapes - rather than a fit model with specific proportions - and designing differently for the different shapes, can give women the freedom to wear what they want and BE THEMSELVES. And this applies to women from a perfect size 10 to a size 6 and 16.

This was a good day. High five to us! :)