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The Lunar New Year: Why and How It Impacts Us


One of the best things we do is make your clothes to order so they suit your style, are unique to you, and help reduce waste in fashion.

Your clothes are made by real people, who are skilled tailors, cutters and finishers, who are valued by us for their quality work, and as individuals.

The down side of this 'real people / low waste' model is that when our tailoring team take a break to celebrate Chinese New Year with their families, the TAHLO Tailor sewing machines go quiet and our tailoring team get a true break (just like we all need from time to time!).


What does this mean?

For 2019, orders placed between 21 January to the 3rd February will experience a delay in getting to you. Our 10-14 day turnaround window kicks back in on orders placed from the 4th February onwards.


You can still order as normal!

We will still be taking orders through this period, and behind the scenes we will be managing priorities and production to make things as seamless as possible, so the impact to you is minimised.

The closer your order is to the 4th February, the less disruption you will experience.


Still not sure?

If you have any questions, or need something by a specific date, drop as a note and we'll answer any questions you have! :)

Simply email us on:



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Join our email list and get 15% off your first purchase.

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