When Clothes Become an Energy Killer

When Clothes Become an Energy Killer

When choosing what to wear is an energy killer

I had an epiphany a little while ago: getting ready for work in the morning was killing my vibe. 

On the particular day of my epiphany I had an early meeting, it was important for my professional image that I looked ‘not-boring’ and modern. My young children were refusing to cooperate, and I had to get them to childcare before then catching public transport into the city. 

By the time I’d wrangled two strong-willed toddlers into their ‘daytime clothes’, I had zero minutes to decide what to wear to present as ‘professional but un-corporate’; I was channeling my "Forbes most powerful women" look. I looked in my wardrobe as the clock ticked…and there was nothing. (Not literally, of course.) 

You don’t really want to know what happened next, or maybe I am too embarrassed to go into the pathetic details, but I can tell you the end result: I left the house feeling crap, I arrived at the meeting feeling crap, and I had a crap day. 

How is it that I had been getting ready for work for SO MANY YEARS and I still hadn’t mastered the art? I was spending a fortune on clothes, at all hours of the night, from all corners of the interweb including ASOS and The Iconic, but still couldn't find that elusive, perfect outfit.

I’ve heard many experts who say that your morning ritual sets you up for the day. The process of trying on multiple outfits and none of them feeling right is demoralising, a waste of precious time and an absolute energy killer. 

This epiphany was one of many inputs into the creation of Tahlo.

We want busy women to leave the house feeling amazing - rocking their own personal style and wearing clothes they feel great in.

We’re just starting out with Tahlo, and we’ve got a lot more work to do, but our energy is burning brighter than ever!!


About the Author:

Sophie Hose works at Tahlo and really hates having to do multiple outfit changes before leaving the house.