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JOBS: Customer Stylist

Who are we?

woman looking in fitting room mirror

TAHLO is a small, creative and emerging sustainable fashion brand, and we're trying something different! Low waste, slow fashion that is made to order, with customer customisations so they get garments they love, fit them properly and they can wear over and over.

A key part of our model is the 'Try On' and 'Customise' process that happens in our Fitting Room, which is a shopfront style space in Hawthorn West and where this role would be based.


Who are we looking for?

We are looking for an authentic, friendly and style-loving person who provides outstanding customer service. They will be a key part of our small team.

The successful candidate is able to listen to the customer, interpret their needs and guide them through the fitting process. The customer is at the heart of everything we do, and them ending up with a garment they love is our key priority.

As part of your interaction with the customer, as well as building a rapport, you must also be able to learn and think through changes to fit, and how those changes may impact the garment and overall wearability for each unique customer.

In addition, with experience, your input into the range, our customer offering, how we can improve all aspects of the customer experience, including how we can migrate this rich experience online, will be key to TAHLO's success.


Additional Skills & Responsibilities:

  • Visualisation & spatial relations: An ability to think through a garment and consider how it will look with changes / in different fabrics. (Note: You will be trained on specific technical information)
  • Administration involved with submitting orders, cross-checking fit issues and measuring stock, as well as accuracy in placing orders.
  • Managing customer enquiries - both verbal and written - in a timely manner, and providing outstanding service.
  • Measurement and quality checking of orders at pre-delivery with customers, as well as floor stock
  • Merchandising in-store.
  • Capturing in-store moments for social media, where applicable / appropriate.
  • Shipping online orders as required.


Extra Step Up Opportunities:

If you're looking for progression, there are also a host of optional extension opportunities for the right person, and depending on your personal skills set:

  • Updating the website
  • Styling photo shoots
  • Creating visual content for social media and the website
  • Producing blogs or written content
  • Hosting styling events or range launches
  • Refining technical specs with our tailoring team
  • Improving all aspects of Customer Experience - both in-store and online
  • Running marketing campaigns and collaborations with other brands and / or influencers.
  • Developing key aspects of the brand purpose, such as transparency and more information on our sustainability mission.


Hours and Employment:

This role is part-time, with a minimum of 2 days per week. There is flexibility on which days however a willingness to work some Saturdays regularly (eg, 2 per month) or occasionally will be viewed favourability.

Minimum contact hours during the day are in line with our opening hours:

  • Latest start: 9:45am. After school drop off is fine. 
  • Earliest finish: 4pm finish if closing. Earlier by negotiation if other staff are able to cover close.
  • We are considering offering the possibility of after hours appointments in the evening, one or two nights per week. Please let us know if this would suit you.


Discussion as to whether this is Permanent Part-time or Casual will be had with the individual, depending on their needs and work circumstances.


To Apply:

Please send your application to

Please use the body of your email as the cover letter.
Please ensure your cover letter answers to the following questions:
  • What your philosophy is of personal style?
  • Examples or past experience that have required visualisation of products in the design stage or when putting an outfit together.
  • What you bring to a team, and in what types of teams you perform best.


 Thank you! x